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Reg Laroque

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Rebels Wrestling was founded by Reg Laroque in 1993. Reg coached many talented wrestlers who competed both nationally and internationally (including three world eSpoir champions), but was much more then a coach to those he welcomed to the club. While he was one of the most technical coaches in Canada, his love for his athletes and his sport was second to none.  His passion was easily recognized in the corner while watching his range of emotions based on his sitting position or while shadowing the moves he was calling for in the corner. If you were lucky enough to be one of the recipients of a ‘yeah yeah’, you knew it was a good day. Almost all of the Rebels Coaching staff are Reg’s athletes at some time in their wrestling career. In 2007, Reg was inducted into the Canada Amateur Wrestling Hall of Fame, in the builder category. 

"He was intense and he was involved with it. He gave it his all -- it was like he was out there wrestling with you."

- David Hohl, a two-time Olympic veteran who got his start with Laroque

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