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Russ Mendonca

Russ has been coaching wrestling since 1994 and has coached thousands of athletes through Junior High, High School and Club channels. He has coached at over 15 National Championships, has been NCCP Level 3 Certified since 2001 and is a Chartered Professional Coach. In 2018, he obtained Advanced Coaching Diploma through Canadian Sport Institute (Calgary).

Shaughn Jones

Shaughn has been connected to wrestling in one way or another for the last 18 years. Started wrestling in junior high in 2000 and in the spring of that year started with Coach Reg in the Junior Rebels Wrestling program. He stayed with the Rebels junior and senior program for 6 years before leaving to continue my wrestling career with the U of C Dinos program where he was lucky enough to work with Olympians. Rejoined the Rebels August of 2016 in the coaching role. Currently, he works in optical, and is working on an application to a Masters of Clinical Vision Science with hope to work with youth sport vision and concussion.  

Mat Farrell

By day, Mat spends most of his time wrestling with papers, however his love for coaching shines through. Mat wrestled competitively for 10 years and learned a lot in the process; perseverance, time management and competition. Wrestling gave Mat a safe place to belong and a desire to give back. "I love that I can pass on to the next generations the values that were passed on to me, and I am proud to foster a safe place that kids from any background can come and share in.”

Tanya Yaunish

Tanya began wrestling with the Rebels in 1995. She very quickly began coaching younger athletes and this passion led her to her career in teaching. After several years in and out of the Club due to her worldly travels, she has rejoined the Club as a member of the coaching staff to which she brings a unique insight into the world of women's wrestling.

Clayton Langston

Clayton has been wrestling since the late 90’s under the direction of Reg, our Founder. He has helped coach both junior and senior programs in the last couple years. He helps drive athletes during training and tournaments, providing them with the tools they need to improve their skills and technique.


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