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To give our members the skills through preparation towards international wrestling, to excel in sport and in life.


To grow people through sport regardless of limitations


To build responsible, productive citizens through sport

-Assist those athletes that could use wrestling as a foundation to better their life

-To foster leadership skills by allowing veteran athletes to help coach younger athletes

-To use volunteerism to raise funds for the club and in the process develop a sense of fiscal responsibility

-To use volunteerism to promote a sense of community and social obligation

-To prepare athletes for the workplace and citizenship


To promote Long Term Athletic Development and prepare athletes for international wrestling:

-To prevent burnout by keeping an element of fun in training

-To prevent injuries through proper training including appropriate periods of rest

-Promote athletes participating in alternative sports to promote holistic development

-Allow athletes time to pursue other worthwhile ventures, which improve their holistic development, while in sport, in order to promote building a well-rounded, long term, healthy lifestyle


To leave no athlete behind due to financial concerns




The Rebels are taught to have respect for their selves, their team, all competitors, coaches, & officials and for the sport.


Athletes are taught to set performance goals and are given the tools to reach those goals through dedication & hard work. Athletes held to their goals and the process of achievement. The achievement of goals is celebrated!


All athletes are welcome, regardless of their ability, situation or experience. No athlete will be left behind due to financial concerns.


Athletes are challenged and encouraged to grow both as people and as athletes.

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